Best Viv De-Construction Tools

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To many, viv-building is one of the most enjoyable parts of the hobby. Conversely, most froggers hate to break down a viv: all that work being destroyed, time wasted, and the herculean task of getting that durn GS off the back. There are many reasons why one may have to break down a viv: sterilization, desire to try a new background technique, or getting tired of that pesky malfunctioning waterfall. Well, there comes a time in every froggers life where a tank must be taken down. Here are a few tools that I have found to be very helpful (and time saving) when you have to take down a viv...yes it will happen to you too.

Started using these things to shape GS backgrounds, but they work great for taking out bgs too. They are flexible, which is a definite plus: ... ogId=10053

These are the best razor blades I have used: ... ogId=10053

This is the "do-all" tool for removing GS, it cuts and acts as a mini pry bar, couldn't imagine taking a bg off without one: ... ogId=10053

Finally, you are gonna have to clean up the gigantic mess you have made. That's when one of these will come in handy: ... ogId=10053

Feel free to add to this, I'm sure there are plenty of tips left to share.
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Excellent thread !

Fresh Razor blades (Scraper) are, bar none, the BEST tool for removing anything on glass - algae, crud, silicone ,GS...whatever.

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That razor (with the grip holder) also works great for cutting Living Hinge if/when a person wants to make a DIY vert kit
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