Best way to keep humidity in tank ?

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I want to keep a RETF and moss - maybe a brom or 2, whats the best way to keep humidity high ? if I put glass over the whole top there wouldnt there be no air circulation - is that ok ? if you havent notice I'm a noob.
Here is what I did, based on advice I received. I had 2 pieces of glass cut to fit the top of the tank. I hinged them together and put a knob on the front one. I also had the glass place cut 2 two-inch holes in the front piece. Those I covered with fine screen. It allows ventilation, but not too much, as the frogs like the humidity. The only down side was it was expensive to have the holes cut ($10 each!). I will say in that set up my plants are doing fine. My moss especially has grown in beautifully and is green and beautiful. Fran

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