Best way to sterilize collected leaf litter?

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Hi Fellow Froggers!
I just got back into the hobby (lifestyle) after some years off.
In the past, I used to sterilize my collected leaf litter of any parasites by baking in in the oven. I'm sure that a lot has changed over the years and from reading posts on this forum, there are members out there who can answer this question for me.
How do YOU GUYS do it?
Any help would be greatly appreciated!
I collect clean LL from parking lot areas in Northern Fl and do nothing more than visually inspect for hitchhikers ect. One time a bee or two rode in on some magnolia leaves.

Some people still oven 'bake' their leaves but that also makes them break down quicker ect.

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I've never done anything. Occasionally I get pesky spiders that I need to get rid of but other than that I do nothing. I really doubt that you'd pick up a parasite to tropical frogs in temperate leaf litter.


Charles Powell
Thanks for the help guys!
Maybe not a parasite but roachs and other unwanted bugs. I normally give a quick rinse and a gentle bake
Thanks Eric;
That's what I've always done. I'll probably stick with it just to be safe.
Iv always ran mine through warm water , a little scrubbing with the hands removes extra dirt and bugs let dry and ready to use. But I get paranoid about litter and oil run off / environmental stuff. Warm water seems to work fine so far.
I bake mine at 250 degrees in large aluminium turkey size pans that I triple stack, when I smell the leaves I turn off the oven and remove them when cool. Have not had any issues with roaches etc.

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