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After much reading and research I purchased 3 froglets this past Saturday from what was supposed to be a very reputable breeder. I got 2 different varieties of tinctorius and one auratus. They set them up in a small "critter keeper" with moss on the bottom and cork bark and 2 air plants. They told me to get a desk lamp with a 40 watt bulb to get them heat and light during the day. They told me to keep them in there for 6-8 weeks. On Monday morning one of the tinctorius had died sometime during the night. I have tried like hell to get in touch with these people and cannot get any of the support I was promised. My concern now is that even though the other two seem fine together should I separate them? My other concern is that this container has slots all around the top that the flies keep getting out of. I thought the frogs were eating them all but found the flies last night in my cricket container which was next to their container. How should I keep the flies in the container long enough for them to eat them?

I realize now after reading this site that I should have gotten all of one kind of frog. That was my gut instinct but was assured that they would be fine until I moved them to another setup. Please give me help before these two suffer. By the way these froglets are 2 months old.

Hi lisae123,
sounds like you need to cover the holes in the critter keeper to keep these guys from drying out and to keep their fruit flys in. How often are you misting them? Also the frogs do not need a 40 watt light bulb for heat and light. More than likely the room temperature will be sufficiant, and the ambiant room light will be fine. How soon will you have their permenant home completed? Since they are froglets, I would not worry about seperating them.
Good luck with them, and keep us posted.

Cindy Dicken
Vivarium Concepts
Thank you. I put some plastic over the holes this morning. I was just concerned that they would have absolutely no airflow if I did that. I am misting them once a day. Should I do it more?

I think the reason they told me to use the bulb was because I keep my heat turned down to 60 during the day and usually about 66 to 68 at night.

I have their permanent home ready now but they told me to keep them in this small container for 6 to 8 weeks so they could find their food easier. Should I just move them now?

The tinctorius was moving around some when I first got them and now he just stays under the log with the auratus. Should I be concerned about this?

Room temp of 60 degrees could be a problem, and is more than likely why they are huddled up under the corkbark. Idealy they need to be maintained 70-80 degrees and a humidity level 80-100%.

What size is tank is their permanent home ?
Have you measure the temp and humidity in their new tank to see if it will be adequate?

You might leave a couple of the holes on the critter keeper open for ventilation, however you will probably be opening the cover on the tank once or twice a day for misting and feeding which will probably be enough.

Cindy Dicken
Vivarium Concepts
I use scotch tape to cover the vents or i will cover the top with a paper towel and mist it a few times a day. good luck Shawn

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