Breeding Project in Brazil

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Hey everyone, I just wanted to share that I have partnered up with Kevin Moser to get this frog farm rolling!!! We are currently working out the details before we move in September to Brazil. We already have roughly 3,500 acres of donated land located in two different regions to further this project along, and working with leading politions. The regions are in Northern Manaus and in Boa Vista as shown in the picture attached. We are highly excited but there is a lot of money that is needed to get this up and going proberly. The main thing is we are trying to meet a dead line as a hydro dam is being built and will flood one of the areastaht our land is on and can wipe out the amphibian population there if we dont get down there to collect them first. We working with officals of the Brazilian government have permmsion to collect the amphibians in the area but we have no support to help build the facility as of yet. Kevin is currently selling off his entire collection of pdfs on dendroboard to help with the financial crisis we have. We would love for yall to help us out any way possible. If you can get us contact info for any of the magazines that might want to do a cover story about our project we are working on or anyone who might be interested in supporting/ sponsoring us. I will post more in depth plans soon on here, I promise!!!

We also have 10 slots open for people to come down and do frog tours with us and even help us collect some dart frogs for our conservation facility! For those of yall who dont know there are more morphs of galacs than there are pumilios and there is a good chance that there are new speices on our land Big Grin. Roughly the cost to come down for a week-two weeks would be around $2000- $2500 which covers the cost of housing, food, shelter, and travel. If you are interested please contact me at [email protected] as this will be an experience you'll never forget.
Thank yall again for the amount of support you have given! This really means a lot to Kevin and I and cant wait to get down there in September to get this project up and running. Please feel free to spread the word about this project to other people as we are not just working with frogs. We will be working with plants, trees, fish, small lizards and snakes, and of course If you know someone that might not be into frogs but loves orchids tell them about!

I also know that a lot of yall have been asking when a site is going to be up. Kevin and I are working on that aspect of it and hope to have it up in no later than two weeks. Another question some people have been asking is where can I go to make a donation to our project? Well until our website is up we have set up a paypal account for people to donate to. The email for the paypal account is [email protected]. When you go there and you get ready to send money please click the personal tab and click on gift so paypal doesnt charge their 3% fee.

Again I cant say thank you enough for the support and people already volunteering your time to help us out. It means more to us than you can ever imagine as yall will be the back bone to this cause. Thank yall again and if you have any more questions email me at [email protected] as Kevin and my pm box is filling up quick.
I forgot to mention if you go to brooklyn dart frogs and new england herptoculture supply they will have our paypal button on there. Thank you again Andy and Mike for doing this!!!
We are finally going to release some photos to the public. Right now all the are is of the natives and the land we will be working with off the Xingu River. The land seen here does have a few different galac morphs I have personally seen with my own eyes. I regret to inform y'all we wont release photos of the different galc morphs beacuse they are not ours and still waiting to get permission to show them publicly. I hope yall understand and promise as soon as we hear from them or have photos of our own we will share them with you. Thank you again for y'alls support and will keep y'all up to date. Pictures can be found on the link below
I am no longer a part of this project and any questions about it need to be directed to Kevin Moser.

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