Breeding leucomelas WANTED

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I am looking to buy 4 breeding pairs of Dendrobates leucomelas. Must be at least 1 year old and a female/ male pair.
Please email me if you're selling. Include asking price. [email protected]
Must be guyana yellow banded morph only.
Well at since no one seems to have guyana morph, any morph will do. Also while im posting, anyone going to the Florida, Ft Lauderdale repticon? would love to meet some local breeders.
Stick to your guns - Its only been 24 hours ... don't give up on your banded Guyana just yet... Dart frogs are definitely not a fast food hobby.
Scott - North Dallas
Lol. Your right. I am impatient. Although, I have been looking around the net and they arent very easily found so considering i want such a large group for my little project i should be open to anything. Considering they are adult lol.
I helped start your search... If your willing to ship, JL Exotics has banded Guyana in stock. Also check Saurian (Patrick) - he should have some. Before you order, call both and find out if they have any older than younger to pick. In fact you should always call the breeder before buying to confirm whats in stock as they are very busy and cannot always update the websites. You could easily pass an opportunity because you didn't ask.

Happy Hunting
Scott - North Dallas
Hey. There is going to be a Florida froggers meeting in Sarasota on the 31st of March. If interested, I will PM you the details. Also, if you change your mind on having to have a proven pair, I do still have 5 Guyana 'banded' juvies availabe at a really good price.
thank you for the info about the meeting, i am definitely interested and would appreciate the details! Also thanks for your offer, Ive saved your info and hopefully i can get adults but if not ill message you about them.

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