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The 1st issue of BriBri, The Froggers Journal is here!

BriBri® is a new european Journal focused on stories and reports about Rainforest Terrariums and everything around them. Specialized on Poison Arrow Frogs, their keeping and breeding you´ll find also stories about tropical plants for your tank, travel journals to original habitats and a lot more exciting stories from the rainforest on 100 pages.

Our hobby is international and so are we: BriBri® is published bilingual in both english and german, all in one issue!

It doesn´t come as a plain Magazine but in a very high Quality Bookformat. You will definitely enjoy it for years to come, just as much as we´ve enjoyed makin´ it!

[Image: BriBriAdvert1.gif]

Table of Contents:

[Image: BriBrinInhalt1708_Seite_04.png]

[Image: BriBrinInhalt1708_Seite_05.png]

[COLOR="Black"]A few sample pages:

[Image: BriBrinInhalt1708_Seite_28.png]

[Image: BriBrinInhalt1708_Seite_07.png]

A very cool publication full of information and pictures from our fellow froggers over the pond.

$25 shipped in the US. Please PM or email me for more information as well as Paypal payment information.

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