Bromeliad Pups

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I ordered some broms from JP41 on April 5th. This is only the 2nd time I've purchased broms- the first time was over 2 years ago!

Anyhow, I was looking in the Azureus viv today, and noticed that the one of the broms had 3 pups on it! I then looked at the 2 other broms in the viv from JP, and each of them has at least one pup.

In the 2 years since I brought the other broms, I've gotten 2 pups total- and that was from one brom. Looks like I will have plenty to spread to other broms!

Not sure if this is Neo. Hot Tamale, or Neo. Cheers-
[Image: brompups1.jpg]

Neo. Red Vulcan-
[Image: Brompups2.jpg]

The third brom is nestled behind a bunch of Lemon Button fern, so I couldn't even access it well to get a picture.
For me, pupping broms are almost as exciting as eggs. Thanks for sharing.
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Ooo I like that Vulcan. I never can remember the names of my broms other than tiger cubs or fireballs.
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I agree Derek!

The red vulcan was the one I wanted the most. There was only 1 availible when I ordered though. I try to remember the names as much as possible

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