Bromeliads in the Dart Frog Terrarium

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At the request of the admin, I'm sharing the love. Smile ... rticle.htm
Thanks Antone, awesome write up and beautifull pictures. Only problem is I need a mop for this puddle of drool thats getting left behind.
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Haha! Thanks.
I joined this forum just to tell you how spectacular this write up is! I've been looking on other frog forums and all over Google to try to figure out what I'm doing wrong with all of my broms and you have summed up everything right here! Thanks so much for sharing this in its entirety! I'm excited to find out more detailed info on this site.
Detailed but straight to the point and great info, can't thank you enough!!!!! Oh wait maybe I should hit the thanks button.
Oh, I second that!!

- Those are awsome... Thanks for sharing!! Idea
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(In English, about conservancy in Ecuador)

for some reason, I can't access the article :!: Cry
Has it been moved to an other location?

Oh no....Antone's link is down. I was afraid of that. That's why Dart Den should host / have the original article and never a link.

Oh well....

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Did anyone happen to copy this article?

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