Bruised citronella

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So I received a male citronella not too long ago. I noticed a faded black patch on his head. It has gotten darker and more appearent. It hasn't gotten any larger though. Is this a bruise. If so , is it something that I need to worry about. The frog is acting totally normal. ... 4TsLpRCmoz
Are you are referring to "A" (I'm assuming you are not talking about "B")?
Any time I have a frog with what appears to be some kind of wound the recommended course of treatment from Dr Frye has been Silversulfadiazene (SSD) to treat the skin abrasion daily until resolved and if it's an open wound he's added Baytril daily as well. I'd try to get a close up of the area and contact Dr Frye. If he thinks it's an abrasion he can mail you the meds.

Email is listed here:

He looks robust. Good luck!
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I see no cause for alarm. As long as the frog is large and eating frequently ect, then things are probably not that bad.

As long as the 'spot' doesn't look 'angry' - sore like and open, fleshy festering ect, then again...not something I would call for a 4 alarm incident.

I'm of the segment of the hobby that tries to do 'as little as possible' in terms of applying medications and chemicals unless there is a clear cut emergency need and I don't see that here.

You have just taken possession of this frog right>? Give it a few weeks and keep close observation before seeking a medication for a spot that may just be an...odd spot.

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