CO2 build up ?

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I bumped into a site about this once upon a time (cant seem to find it now). Is this a common problem with small "fish tank" vivariums? I would assume that the exo/zoomed style would not have this type of problem because of the front vents and the constant opening of the front door to feed/water. Considering that the co2 displaces the oxygen on the bottom of the tank (co2 weighs more) is this a common problem ? Just thought i would seek out some experienced hobbyists knowledge on the subject.

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The search's your friend Big Grin




Not saying your question is irrelevant, asked and answered already......but it's easier to attach a question to an existing thread that is close to your issue. Makes things a lot easier to find - fewer threads and more info in one place.

NO problem though. Glad you had this question, actually, as I just JUST thinking about this 1 hour ago in my frog room.

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lol duhhh i just get to thinking and i start typing a thread.. excuse my noobie ignorance =)

ill check them out haha
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No worries.

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Short answer is no, it's not often a problem at all.

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Exoterras with venting - Vivariums with venting are all good to go. No worries.

The problems I have seen first hand and heard about are almost all "Temporary Tank" enclosures that are much more sealed. Some tanks (aquariums) with Saran Wrap over the entire top. "Rigged" or incorrectly mod'ed up tops and lids - usually on fish tanks, not allowing any ventilation. Combined with high temps = your main problem.

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