Calling Leucomelas

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I played some calling for my leucs today. One reacted to the call and came hopping over to the headphone I slipped into the viv. He then started what I can only call vibrating, and calling back. The other 2 leucs didn't react.
I thought I'd captured it on video- but instead I captured the carpet before and after!

So, is it normal for a Leuc to shake/vibrate when they call? Should the other frogs have reacted in any way?
My 2 male epipedobates tricolor look like they are going to shake themselves off the rock that they are on, when they call, at times.

Shaking while calling is normal, I would say.

As to reactions to recorded calls. I have done it many times with many species / calls and it seems that my Leucs are the most prone to react to a recorded call - with either counter calling or general interest.

That said, unless you get an actual call out of one of them, I would still place no credence into a possible sexing effort from a recording. Submissive males that don't call, stress - too many other things involved to try to guess.

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Got it. I'll keep an eye on them more then to see if I am able to visualize either of the other frogs calling.
Luckily the markings on the leucs are very different- so I know which one was calling.
It's still good to know for sure that there is one male in there. My azureus have still not shown any breeding activity- and I've not seen one calling.
I just played some calling tonight in my frog room. Male SI is REALLY calling now. No real reaction out of my leucomelas or azureus. I got some interest out of my Tarapota and Vents.
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I noticed one of my azureus rubbing the back of another. But I didn't witness any calling yet. My husband made the comment last night that he finds it funny that my first frogs havent started breeding, yet the imis are. I had to explain that different frogs have different sexual maturity ages
I just heard my Uakarii, figures the boys would be awake so I cant get a video though. its funny, I purchased the Benedicta, Reticulata and Uakarii at the same time and all 3 have similar sounding calls (at least from the one recording of benedicta that I have heard) at the time of purchase this was not my intention.
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I hadn't really thought about breeding the frogs I got until my Azureus were 9 months old. Then I got curious about it. I'm very big on documentation, and think it would be great if I do end up with pairs, just so I can do photographs of each species eggs/tadpole development. I'm just happy I haven't seen any aggression with the frogs to this point!

I bet your house really sounds like a rainforest with all the calling!

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