Can I mix Dart Frog species?

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I have been waiting a PFD viv for years now, and well the time has finally come to get started and well it is my husband, my kids and myself that are all looking forward to having these little guys in our home. But the main question that I have is can I mix 2 of each in a tank. There are three that I really like and none of us can agree on one of the three, plus I thought that it would look nice to have 3 different colored frogs in the tank... can you place two of each of the following in a tank??

Green & Black (Dendrobates Auratus)
Blue (Dendrobates Azureus)
Bumble Bee (Dendrobates Leucomelas)

If somebody can please get back to me soon that would be great! Thank you!
There are far more arguments for single species vivs versus multiple. There are many factors that are detrimental to the longterm well being of all of the animals involved, stress, competition for food, potential for hybrids ( which are generally frowned upon ).

In the end the decision is entirely up to you as they are your animals, however I truly believe that single species tanks are the best as you will get better interaction and witness natural behaviors present in each species.

There are numerous threads on this board and others that are really good reads.
Okay I thank you for that information... I have done a little more research and I was able to fine that I can get all three colors in the Dendrobates Auratus... but that brings me to another question, when I went to the local pet store last night they told me that I could have 6 PDF's in a 40 gal breeder tank. Would that be enough room for 6 or should I go bigger? If bigger how big would be a good fit for them? I just want to make sure that when I spend the money on everything that I will have all of my ducks in a row.... Thank you
First off, the guy at the pet store has proven his lack of knowledge on darts and therefor should not be a source of information for you any longer. There are lots of people here on this or other forums that could or already have answered any beginner questions you may have. Typically pet stores and their employees are not the most knowledgeable when it comes to proper care of animals, especially sensitive animals like pdf's.
2nd, unless the whole world is holding out on me, there are no yellow auratus, so you may be able to get blue and green auratus' you won't find a yellow one.
3rd, blue auratus should be kept separate from green auratus, and any other pdf as they should all (all pdf's, not just auratus) be housed in single species/morph vivariums. If you want blue auratus then make a home for them. If you want green auratus, build them a separate home, etc.
40g tanks are great tanks for a group of frogs providing they are a frog that can be housed communally. Leucs and auratus will usually live together fine in a group of 4 or so in a tank that size. 6 would be pushing it IMO. Other frogs like tinctorius' (azureus, powder blues, cobalts) should be housed in pairs or trio's depending on the size of the enclosure.
If these are your first frogs I strongly recommend a 30-60 day quarantine period after you acquire them. I would house them in plastic sweater boxes, 1 or 2 frogs in each depending on how big they are so you can monitor their health, feeding, growth, etc. Having fecals tested before placing them in their permanant home is also strongly recommended. Nothing worse than thinking you killed a frog, only to find out it was sick all along. Or even worse, thinking your frog was sick and finding out husbandry was the issue, not the frog. Good luck to you. Darts are by far the coolest creatures on this planet!
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1 frog per every 10 gallons.

40 gallon tank.......4 frogs is the number you should have.

resist the urge to create a "fish tank" with lots of coloured fishies....keep the same species, morphs and colours....especially when you are new to the hobby.

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It is best to keep your auratus species separate.
Yet another mixing thread.... :roll:

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