Carnivorous Plants

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I am wondering just how safe they are in Vivariums, and what kinds are the best to use? They will be kept with auratus incase that matters.
here is a nepenthes that dosent bother my frogs at all. i tried vft but i foud one with my frogs leg close in it so no more fly traps.
pinguicula are too soft to be tread upon much

american pitcher plants (saracennia) need a winter dormancy, but the purpurea is small and low-light and would work in a pot which could be pulled and put in the fridge. i think a frog would have no problem getting out of it.

asia pitcher plants (nepenthes) are divided into highland and lowland plants. only lowlands can stand the temps the frogs need, and they have to be moist but cannot sit wet, so place it where it can drain freely.

cobra plants and heliamphora need very cold conditions.

genlisia should work...some survived in a tank which i broke down after about two months, but seemed fine.

most utricularia work well, but i wouldn't mix large-trapped species with very small tads in a water feature.

the stickiness of drosera and byblis put me off for the frog tanks. and i'm tempted to put some cephalotus folicularis in a tank, but it seems like too big of a gamble if it didn't work for whatever reason.

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