Carnivorous plants in a Dart frog vivarium ?

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Dart frog vivarium and carnivorous plants? I am getting ready to set up a 55 gal. dart frog vivarium tank. I see all the sites that sell the supplies for this carry carnivorous plants such as venus fly traps, pitcher plants and honeydews. I was wondering is you could put them in the vivarium with dart frogs with out having a froggy version of Little Shop of Horrors.

I would think any sundew or flytrap bigger than a small froglet could trap it - why not ? Simple size relationship.

The more pressing issue is that temp, humidity, most water requirements, dormancy period ect are ALL different for dart frogs and CV plants. One of the two would suffer, as their ideal requirements above could not be met.

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There are some very small nepenthes that could do just fine. Marty had a series of photos where a leuc went head first into one after some flys. It was all the way in to its hind legs and had no problem getting itself back out. I had one in an uninhibited viv for quite some time and it did just fine in those conditions. As for sundews and flytraps I would suggest avoiding those.
Virtually nothing temperate will do well in a terrarium. Most Nepenthes get big, but when they are small may be ok. There are many small Drosera, tropical Pinguicula, Utricularia, and even Heliamphora if you can keep them bright and cool enough. There are two sections (Orchidoides and Iperua) of epiphytic Utricularia that possibly occur sympatric or nearly so with leucs.

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