Cleaning glass on Enclosures

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Hard water deposits is usually the hardest to clean but I actually treat all glass issues the same.

I use a paint scraper with a FRESH razor blade and some water or perhaps lemon juice to lubricate the scraping.

And then scrape away! Razor blading fixes 97% of all 'glass issues and ills"

There are some who recommend a jewelry polishing compound and rubbing ect but meh....If the razor won't clean the glass nicely then it's into the recycle bin ya go!

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Hard water can etch glass causing it to be permanently marked (unless you physically polish the glass smooth again.). Spraying with distilled water will prevent this from happening.

That being said, I am a fan of the fresh razor blade treatment. Rubbing alcohol or Windex both work well as long as you do not "spill" it into the tank in any large quantity. I have heard someone joke that Windex is so safe they shine their frogs up with it before shows.**

**DO NOT shine your frogs with Windex.
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Thanks for the quick advice, guys! And thanks Phil, for starting the new thread for me!
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