Coco huts 4 sale

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I have 5 Coco huts 4 sale $6 shipped let me know what 1 you want

1 [Image: 4d7b79754cf87dfb87237de74a332546.jpg]

2 [Image: f0a25e35d7d0dff9756f5a1cefb76b56.jpg]

3 [Image: 55bf66bdc915e566bf7c0fa95ce4e13a.jpg]

4 [Image: 0bcfcc55d5b3a4d5d029072a037aa33a.jpg]

5 [Image: 30144b1a7e4b32fb142a85c70cfbe5d7.jpg]
Pm me what you want
Price drop 4.50
$2 +shipping
I will take them. Just PM me how you would like funds and the total.
Pm sent
Coco huts sold thanks

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