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I have a ton of collector Broms that you won't see much in the hobby...90% of them will fit in a 20 vert as an adult. You can see pictures at

I also have heated tadpole systems and custom vivs that I have built that need a new home.

18x18x24 custom vivs- $150
24x24x24 custom vivs- $225
Tadpole systems- $100-200
Broms- $5-$18

I can ship far as vivs and tad systems I can deliver to local meets or frogday...otherwise local pick-up unless you want me to tear down viv as a kit for you to build

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That link to the photobucket page comes back as an error. Please try reposting it again.
Need a Website? PM Me for more information.

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link is still bad.......

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I searched his name and found the photos. This is the address I got:

Or just search user rcteem
Hope it helps Smile

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