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Due to some recent health issues I am leaving the hobby and I wont be able to care for my frogs properly and need to find good homes for them. The Standard Lamasi pairs already have a home...sorry. I can ship via FedEx or UPS. Please email me at [email protected] or text/ call me at 919-744-1343

Super blues
Butt line
3-4 months old
$50 each or 140 for all three

F1 patricias
3-4 months old
$50 each or $90 for both

Butt line
4-5 months old
$55 each or $255 for all 5

O. Lamasi pair
F2 Czech line
1.5 years old
$120 for the pair
sorry to make it seem serious, its noting serious yet...just a knee replacement but also have to go in to make sure i don't have cancer again...sorry to make it seem like it something serious, as of now.

Also- O. Lamasi pair is sold and Super blues are pending
Forgot I had a probable female Red Amazonicus for sale too- $125
sorry to hear this Chris. GL on the surgery.
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Here is what I have left

1 Female red amazonicus- $125
1 STD lamasi froglet- $150
2 F1 Patricias- $50 each
5 matechos- $50 each or $225 for all 5
Then check the plant section for vivs and supplies

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Everything is sold...

All I have left is the standard lamasi for $150

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