Completely New - Are there purple frogs or plants ?

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I am completely new to this, and have only just discovered that these can be kept as pets. I would like to look into getting a couple frogs. Are there any at all that tend towards a purple shade rather than a blue ? Also I'm a college student, so any tips on setting up a low-cost beginner's vivarium would be greatly appreciated!!! Just a side note, I love purple, and anything I get, I'd like to be as close to that as possible....from frogs to plants. Thanks !
There are several Bromeliads that come in purple.
There are a couple of frogs that are close to purple with Azureus being the main one and i have seen several that look very purplish.\

As far as getting everything done cheap here is what i would do.
get a 20 gal. tank. Go to the hardware store, get a glass lid, tube of silicone and great stuff. build a great stuff background

Get some leca, (cheap alternative. lava rock) and some substrate i use cocobedding.

Call eds fly meat, and get some melonogasters. Hydei next but start with melonogasters. get aquainted and learn the fly ropes
Get some plants and frogs, now your frogging. there is more and hopefully its coming.
you should definitely check out Gynura aurantiaca, the Purple Passion Vine. i've seen pics of it growing in vivs, but from my experience it grows way too fast. you might check it out to grow in a windowsill. it's much prettier in person than in pictures. the fuzzy purple hairs all over the vines and leaves make it seem to have an aura as the light comes through the window. it likes constantly moist soil, only drying out occasionally. whichever plants you choose to put with your frogs, you want to make sure that they are free of pesticides and fertilizers. frogs absorb things through their skin, so you have to be really careful what you put in your viv. the easiest way is to work with folks like black jungle, cloud jungle, or glass amazon...they cater to viv keepers so their plants are selected to survive viv conditions and are chemical free. you can also look around the plant forums on frog boards to see how folks clean plants which come from other sources.

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