Cork Bark

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Where is a good place to get cork bark.or I should say, the best an cheapest! Also what is best to use to adhere it to the back of a tank?
I currently am setting up a 72 gallon.
i haven't tried it, but my kneejerk response to getting cheap cork is to try ebay. black jungle definitely sell it, but i don't know how prices compare. you can adhere it with with silicone (make sure it's aquarium grade) or use the great stuff covered with g.e. brown silicone (without mold inhibitors) then coco fiber. for better detail do a site search for great stuff.
for 25 buck from black jungle i was able to do this.
I'm new at Terrarium set-ups, but a Nursery that specializes in Orchids and epiphytes would have it as well. Un-treated of course.

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