Cork Bark needs cleaning or not ?

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Like the title says I got some cork bark from a local distributor today for you 2.95 a pound. Should I boil or bake these or something before putting them into my viv I'm building ? Thanks
When you say "for you"....are you selling the bark as well ?

Where was the bark stored ? Inside or outside ? What could possibly be "riding" on the bark ?

If stored inside in a nice safe may not have to do anything other than a slight wipe down, ect. If you are unsure or paranoid, you can dip them into very hot / boiling water. I personally, would not bake (catch on fire) or leave in water too long (ruin the shape - deform or fall apart).

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It was a typo they were outside in a warehouse I got about 5 pounds for 13.18 us money. You could look them up if you want its called Maryland cork located in elkton md. Thanks for the reply tho it looked like there was some kind of mold/moss growing on a couple peices just wanted to know if it was safe or not
A lot of people get cork from them. Don't be scared of mold or moss. Chances are some funky stuff will crop up in various places in a new viv. Springtails and Isopods and "time" will take care of weird and unusual "stuff" quickly enough - another good reason to set up the viv WAY before you get frogs to place inside. That stuff has a way of working out.

I think Scott M had a black widow making a home in a piece of cork bark that he had lying around.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Haha thanks for telling me ill be sure to not stick my fingers in any tubes

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