Corn Meal VS Corn Flour

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I'm going to use this recipe (a friend has luck with it):

½ Cup Instant Mashed Potato flakes.
4 tsp. Cornflour
2 tsp. Active yeast.
½ tsp. Sugar.

I realized after buying the goods that I picked up corn meal, not corn
flour. Does this even make a difference? The best I can find right now is that the corn flour is just more finely ground than the meal.

Can anyone tell me before I go the store tommorrow?

For the purpose of future reference for anyone concerned (and so I don't look like a complete toolbox) - it appears there is no difference. The stores I go to just have corn meal, I guess the recipe I got was just from someone who called it corn flour.

You can't know everything all the time, but all the time you can learn something...
Thats the mix i use. It works well.
Cool - thanks. How much apple cider vinegar do you use? Mine smells
pretty strong, but it seems to match the color and consistancy of the substrate I get with the flies I buy locally.

I setup two cultures about a week ago, one is going strong and the other one seems to almost have died off completely. The only difference between the two is I used screen mesh in one (the dying one), and I used some cork-bark in the other (for surface area.) Could just be bad luck with the dying one... I'm new to this so I really need to make sure I can get the fly culture thing working! Wink

stitches Wrote:Thats the mix i use. It works well.
hey jay,

i use ED's instant media, and use half vinegar and half water. i also have a suggestion for surface area. it seems like cork bark would get really pricey to use constantly. i just converted to coffee filters recently after having used plastic mesh, then excelsior, and i like the coffee filters. they help regulate moisture and are not messy like excelsior, and give more surface than mesh. i make little cones/funnels by folding them (about 3 filters thick per cone) then snipping off the tip of the cone so ff's won't get trapped inside the cone after they pupate. you then stick the base of the cone down into the media in this shape /\. i use three cones per culture(depends on size of culture container) and they support each other to prevent collapse as the culture ages.
Thanks mack - I don't mind what my cultures smell like really, I just noticed the ones I buy have no smell, and mine have a strong vinegar smell. Maybe the next culture I set up I'll use half vin half water, just for kicks. Good news is, the culture that looked like it had completely died, last night showed new life, and today looks like its going to explode. Lesson for the day - the recipe I'm using works, and even when you think a batch is dying, you might just get a big surprise. My frogs are gonna' get fat!

The cultures I buy look like they use coffee filters for surface area - I used the screen and cork bark just `cause its what I had available at the time.

Thanks for the input - hopefully this thread will help future newbs like me!

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