Cultures, Supplies, Contacts in CNY

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Just thought I'd put this out there, I'm looking for fairly local froggers, suppliers etc. so that I can pick up, trade/share, have contacts for emergency crashes of cultures or whatever. But I haven't been able to find anyone at all in this area. If you are in or near central New York (Syracuse, Watertown, Rochester, Utica, and when it is time for frogs, even Buffalo, Albany etc isn't an issue. I'd much rather pick them out & get them in person, than ship.)

I got wind of someone in Camillus who breeds darts at a local pet store, but nothing more than that info, so no help. Even just contact on the forum is great (don't have to meet in person Smile) so I could find out about any local places for supplies and stuff.

Also, I'm out in Columbus, OH about every three months for business, and can sometimes eek out a little bit of time to sneak out. So I suppose even that would be an option if all the CNY'ers are too shy to come out and play :lol: That is how I got my little springtail starter this last weekend...
In central NY

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If you can swing it....try to hit the "White Plains NY" reptile show. LOTS of frog vendors and related supplies AND plants. That show would easily be a "one stop shop". The shows are every other month, I believe.

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