Custom Vivs for sale in San Fran area

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This post is for a friend of mine who has run into some difficulties and had to downsize his collection. Please pm me for the e-mail or for questions.

This ideally is a take it all sale. Location Marion County, just north of San Francisco and pick up only, no shipping. $2000 takes it all.

The main items are 15 custom built (by me) glass tanks. The dimensions are ~22"(W)x22"(H)x30"(D) (yeah, thay are 30" front to back!). The glass is 3/16" with a sloped and hinged opening drop down front. The front panes are tempered to resist shattering (they are incredibly tough). There is screen ventilation in the bottom front and top back. There is also two 1/2" holes drilled in the tops for misting nozzle bulkheads. And there is a 1/2" hole drill in the bottom back panel (with supplied bulkhead) to allow for drainage. These tanks will have the eggcrate/screen false bottoms and I will supply all the push-fit tubing and connectors that allowed for linked drainage (but not the misting parts). These are large tanks and are very deep. The full front drop downs allow easy access even to the far backs. These tanks supported all manner of frog species including the breeding of very rare and difficult frogs. I am asking $100/tank.

These tanks fit on 2 very large industrial chrome wire racks. The racks, if memory serves, cost well near $600 each. They are 72" wide and 30" deep(!). These are not your average bakers wire racks. They support 1200 lbs total and I had 3 tanks per shelf (4 shelves are included with each set). One rack held 9 tanks the other held 6. They are on supplied roller coasters and even with 9 fully loaded tanks could be gently rolled for backside maintenance. These were specially sized racks to fit these over sized deep tanks. I am asking $250/rack.

What I would prefer is to get rid of everything remaining in this frog room. That is for $2,000 you get all the tanks, the racks, misc 5's, 10's and at least 1 25 tank. There are 3 12"(?) Exoterra cubes, a window mounted a/c unit, dehumidifier, jars, vials, shoeboxes, one standard half high 4'x18" black wire bakers rack, plugs, digital timers, and pretty much all the junk you can imagine a fully functioning frog room contains. I will also supply all the remaining AH Supply lighting parts I have. I used to light this room with several 55W and 96W units per shelf. In other words there are lots of ballasts (including some new unused units), bulbs (some new), and connectors. New these lights are probably a grand or two. They were swapped out for another lighting system last year so I won't guarantee every bulb or ballast. In other words lots of 'stuff'. It will need a big truck or multiple trips. I live in Marin County just north of San Francisco and this would be pick up only.

These items are used and the tanks are not cleaned and sanitized. It is not worth it to me to clean and polish everything to look pretty for sale. 1 big tank has a cracked front panel support (it is a support element for the door and not part of the water catch system. It can be easily patched or fixed. One of the tank doors has separated from the silicone. It needs to be glued back on - an easy fix. Some of the door hinges need to be replaced as they age and rust. I have the new replacement hinges. I am not looking to haggle. I am taking serious inquiries only as my time and energy are limited. One fixed price, take it all. Most of you don't know me but I have been in the hobby for over 15 years and this system operated nearly perfectly. I was good enough to impress veteran froggers who saw it. I had frogs breeding in tanks and could be gone for a month with no negative effects on the frogs. It was all set up on an automated misting, lighting, draining system. The frogs, new lighting, and misting are gone. The photos are a couple years old but they show the room and design when it was up

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