D. auratus "Green and Black" "green and bronz

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D. auratus "Green and Black" 25$

D. auratus "Green and Bronze" 35$

Well started froglets about two months out of water.

shipping will run 25-30$, or local pickup in the Colorado Springs



55 gallon fish tank used - 50$ for pickup in Colorado Springs area.

2005 California Kingsnake "desert phase" male 25$

5pc probe set - new - 20$

Pool Table used - 50$ for pickup in Colorado Springs area.

Snake/Lizard Shoebox Rack click for pictures

The big one holds 6 containers that are 24"x16" and is 49"x19" and 27" deep. 100$

The smaller one holds 12 containers that are 7"x12" and is 38"x18" and is 14" deep. $75

Ive never had anything get out, its built well. Has an adjustable temp dial so you can set your temperature. COMPLETE just add your animals...

Used in very good condition LOCAL PICKUP IN COLORADO SPRINGS due to heavy weight.

Please email for more details.

[email protected]



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