D. auratus morph size difference ?

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Anyone feel that there are marked differences in size between the different Dendrobates auratus morphs ?

Costa Rican Green and Black
Panamanian Blue and Black
Turquoise and Bronze

I feel that the Green and Black is smaller, on average, than the others for instance.

Thoughts ?


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I've noticed a good bit of size difference between some of the morphs. My recently obtained F1 "Capira" auratus is significantly smaller than my Panamanian G&B, in both length and bulk. I found that my G&B's are longer snout to vent than my Ancon Hill's, but the Ancon Hills are much broader--more robust shaped frogs. Maybe I should try weighing them on a gram scale for comparison....
Our highland bronze auratus are the largest Auratus I have ever seen!

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blocker institute Wrote:Our highland bronze auratus are the largest Auratus I have ever seen!

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Jason are these bigger than El cope? and can i have some pics please? We have a marked differance in our super blue females inside the morph,i wonder how much they eat when they are growing has a relevence to this,our big lass is way more confident and always gets the lions share,we have had them since they were i guess about 3 months we were told to feed the hell out of them as they would make quite big frogs,they had a real variety of wild food,and we did as instructed,but it made more difference to the lass that made the most of the oppurtunity..... :oops: er which i originally thought was a fella,well you know how difficult it is to place an auratus call!!!!! :lol:
My super blue females are also very large. All morphs show sexual dimorphism with females being bigger, but those super blue girls are huge.
My super blues, el copes, and turquoise and bronze are all large frogs.
My capira, campana, & green and whites are all smaller.

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