D. azureus Blue Poison Dart Frogs wanted

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Just read my signature! :!: ! :!: !

Thanks... Arrow
I think we all are! :wink:

I just hope some one will see one of my many adds that wants to get rid of their Blue Darts!

Do you know why every one charges so much for shipping? I have not found any one that has shipping under $40.00.

I found an adult proven female for $80.00! It sounded cheep untill the guy told me it would be $42.00 more for shipping. That made it $122.00.
Most overnight, early shipping will cost the person shipping anywhere from $27 to the mid-high thirties. The person shipping has to have a styro box, heatpack in the winter, cool pack in the summer. Deli cups to put the frogs in and peanuts. I would say the average cost charged by most froggers is about $35. No-one is really making $ off of shipping.

Do you guys live somewhere that has herp shows? That is the cheapest way to get frogs. You dont have to pay for shipping and frogs are often cheaper.
I went to the "largest Herp show in the northwest". They did not have any animals for sale and there were a total of 30-40 cages with animals in them...

I have seen pisc of BIG nice herp shows and boy would I love to go to one, but I can't find any in Portland OR. If anyone out there knows of one around here please let me know when and where !

There is a show in Buffalo that I bought some frogs from in September around here. There is a big show about every 3 months in NYC area that I havent been able to make it out to yet, maybe in April. I thought they had some big shows in California?
I purchased most of my frogs from Herp shows, there is one in New England as they call it, in afew months, which i am saving for now Big Grin , check Blackjungles websight they always have information about Herp shows, good luck with the frogging Big Grin
Are you reffering to the one in White Plains?
No, the first one in April, its Manchester New Hampshire.

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