Daniel's Dragons - pics

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Hello everyone. Just thought I'd post a few pics of my Bearded dragons for you all to enjoy. At least I enjoy them. Smile

So here is their enclosure. I built it from scratch using solid red oak timber.
[Image: a971a5d9aea8c90aadb654d349559f85.jpg][Image: 190117c7503b3e2ece05111ec917d1b2.jpg][Image: 022aa880b7847db3c489f20bdeaf70f4.jpg][Image: ac9d72e19fad4263ef88e846d5aab027.jpg][Image: e497e3da881951ac21b8d5cd8626a757.jpg][Image: 32151f317d7522d43a0faf277d4efd5c.jpg]

The enclosure is 4'x2'x7' with each of the dragons spaces being 4'x2'x20"

Im still working on their living environments. I'm making a diy basking spot and changing to slate tile in the bottoms. Also going to give them back their reptile hammocks.

Anyway here is some more pics of them.
[Image: e7cf6299795c01ed2495eba2f0fc3243.jpg][Image: 835032aed01e401b9ed8802c705903b7.jpg][Image: bf92fe4e3cbabddff0043a16d937f78c.jpg][Image: 0c37f8677c573770b7700980df0a175e.jpg][Image: 01d16bd6f00874a68ba4ebaa83aa1615.jpg][Image: 96f2170155527be7048ec0a4cb7985f2.jpg][Image: 9748ca424b359957cf3c222d58d66037.jpg][Image: be57dd4ce2c8d9b4d8e23f06f812657e.jpg][Image: 4108468800c707d7c0a7c31f99495260.jpg]

Hope you enjoyed the pics.
Those are some good looking beardeds.


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Just got a new pic before lights out for Spike. I noticed I had far fewer of him here.
[Image: ff8e51e7c858bb1b437ce3caa8313903.jpg][Image: a93d47375fea1d486c4a2ba99157b99e.jpg]
[Image: 8fbfc08cb7a316ca81ab61593ad455bc.jpg]

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