Dart Frog Depot will be at Hamburg this weekend!

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We are gearing up for Hamburg this weekend! We have tons of supplies for the show, and pre orders can be placed starting this evening. Here is a small list of what we have:
Live oak/magnolia/red oak leaf litter-$5 per gallon
Sponge rock drainage layer-$5 per gallon
Sphagnum moss-$5 per gallon- SHOW SPECIAL!
Reindeer moss-$5 per gallon
Pillow or sheet moss-$5 per gallon
ABG mix-$6 per gallon
Tree fern Fiber-$5 per gallon
Springtail grub mix-$5 per 16 oz
Bromeliads-$5 each!!!!
Perilite-$5 per gallon
Vermiculite- $5 per gallon
Miracle background mix-$5 per 16 oz
Fruitfly cultures-$5 each
Fruitfly kits-$20
And of course amazing array of frogs, including solmon island leaf Frogs!
We are at the end cap near the cafe!

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