Dart Frog Seizures or a defense mechanism ?

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I've seen a few reports of people believing that a dart frog can stiffen and become immobile inorder to possibly fake death and avoid predation.

I don't subscribe to that school of thought, but I'm certainly willing to listen to other viewpoints on this.

Anyone have additional information to share on this?


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I know a guy that was moving some Azureus to a new tank. One of them seized and lost use of it's back legs.

It's been 5 or 6 days now and he has to put the frog down. I can't see that being a defense mechanism.

Stessed out, yes...

Suppliment issue, yes...
When feeding my lamasis once a while back i had an escapee. I always keep an empty f.f. container handy just in case, but she hopped real quick under the rack, it took a couple minutes to get her out from underneath. Right before i got her in the cup, she flipped herself on her back, legs went out stiff as a board and she just laid there motionless. I got her in the cup, put her in the tank, misted, and within a minute had flipped herself over and dove for cover, completely fine.
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