Dart Frog illnesses that can affect humans.

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I was just wondering if their were any illnesses that can affect humans, just a precaution I am taking before setting up a vivarium.
Yes, there are some zoonotic possibilities. I belive hookworms are only one of the issues that can be passed along to people.
Darts with parasites are analogous to mixed tanks, there are no known benefits to the frogs with either.

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Ok thanks, now I'm certain I'll get my frogs! Big Grin
Hookworm is a nasty parasite. its good to just make sure you use proper care and husbandry. Washing hands before and after entering each viv. I would also send in fecals etc to make sure.

70% of vendors, in my experience, have hook worm in their collection. I have heard it can also migrate through the intestinal tract of frogs if not taken care of.

Salmonella is also carried by frogs. Tapeworm too. Dart tuberculosis. Its just a good idea to make sure you are careful, and you shouldn't have an issue.

I remember a girl in a parasitology class was examining fecal matter. She had an itch on the very tip of her nose, took her pinky finger and barely scratched it. she left class and went to the next. within a couple hours she had red lines running up her nose just under the skin. she had a nasty blister as well and went to the doctor. that was what she was diagnosed with. She was treated and it scabbed over and got better.

nasty parasite. I still get the heebie jeebies thinking about that when that happened.
Hey all- im new to frogging. Ive always wanted to get a small vivarium and some PDFs. I am glad i stumbled upon this site because i had no clue about the parasites you could catch from handling these coolfrogs. How serious and common is hookworm? I was all gung ho about getting a PDF but after reading this, I am a little cautious. (Not new to pets, I currently have a saltwater tank FOWLR and a 16" piranha in my freshwater tank but I dont worry about catching any heebie jeebies while doing matainance) Who would I send the feces to? How will i know I didnt catch hookworm or other parasites? Sorry if these questions seem silly but I had no clue prior to reading this thread.
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you can send the fecals to dr.frye. he charges 18.00 per set of fecals per group of frogs. He is gone wed i believe? but just make sure they arrive on another day. overnighting is best, collect the cleanest fecals, place on a square of moist paper towel and place in a sealable baggie(ziplock) and send them in.

Hookworms are seen in dogs and cats etc. I wouldnt get super worried about it, but just be careful. It is pretty common to see. wash hands before and after and you shouldnt have an issue. just dont go biting your nails after words before washing or anything LOL.
If you look in the hospital section you will see a recent post by dr.frye himself. my email is acting up or I would get it for you.
hookworm is just something you need to be aware of and not take for granted.

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