Dart Frog suggestions for a 55 Gallon tank ?

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Hey guys!

Well, I had previously planned on creating a 29 gallon vivarium for a 2 or 3 PDFs, but as it turns out... Well, I now have a 55 gallon! The size and shape of this tank (a standard 55 gallon aquarium) has caused me to re-examine what types and how many PDFs I should get.

I'll be attending the frog days at Atlanta Botanical Garden in October and I'm wondering what your thoughts are on how many darts and what type of darts I should get... I don't want to overcrowd them, but I plan on having a heavily planted tank. The only problem is that due to the false bottom and substrate i don't have as much height as I'd like... So I guess climbing species are out.

Thanks, guys!

there are a few suggestions in this thread:

http://www.dartden.com/viewtopic.php?t= ... sc&start=0

Let us know if you would like more suggestions or have additional questions...

E. anthonyi, D. imitator, C. azureiventris, D. amazonicus, D. lamasi (pan & pan gl), P. aurotaenia, D. variabilis, D. quinquevittatus, D. reticulatus, D. matecho, D. pumilio cauchero & escudos
Thanks Rob!

I normally search before I ask, but I just didn't think this time! There are some great suggestions on here... The morph guide for auratus and tincs will be especially helpful, i think...

I would do about 5-6 terribilis, because i like them more than aurautus. They might not use the height as much, but there is plenty of floor space.
Thanks for the suggestion! By the way, do you have a website for your Glass Amazon? I'm having trouble finding it if you do! A google search pulls up all SORTS of things!



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