Dart Frog tadpoles - What are the issues with selling ?

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1. Cost - Tadpoles cannot command even close to as high a price as the same species - fully morphed froglet. As a Frog matures, the value of that animal continues to go up, all the way to a sexed or proven breeder. Some tadpoles are often sold for 50% of the value of the same species froglet...or even less.

2. Mortality - Tadpoles are not as hardy or durable as older frogs. Shipping,stress and water quality are all magnifed for tadpoles. They just don't ship as well as Frogs.

3. Care issues - More often than not, it is the Brand New Hobbyist that requests Tadpoles be transfered to him or her, chiefly to save money and costs. This can absolutely range into the "unethical" for some breeders to transfer tadpoles to new hobbyists that are not suitable or set-up correctly to care for them. Potential drowning, Care for tiny froglets are issues often best left to established hobbyists and not the brand new people.

4. Seller guarantee ? - Transfering tadpoles places the seller, and to some extent the buyer, into potentially rough ethical territory for possible replacement, should the tadpole die, develope SLS or otherwise have problems. Do you give a free replacement, future discount or "buy at your own risk" / no guarantee ? Some serious things to think about.

5. Enjoyment of watching them Morph - See # 3 above.


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I have recently morphed a purchased tad. My first ever successful morph! I tried with an O lamasi tad of Chris's but it had SLS.

Anyway, if this tad had not morphed successfully, I would not consider holding the seller responsible. A tad is a 'buy at your own risk' IMO. Also, I wonder if this is a good way for a noob to experience tad rearing. My own frogs are just on the cusp of breeding age (excluding my el dorados, who appear to actually be rabbits), and, this tad gave me valuable experience. But then, up comes the ethical question. Should a noob get their experience with someone else's tad?

Don't know. All I can say is that I am very excited about my new morphlet. Big Grin

Here he is, taking his first steps
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