Darts + Water Bowls

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I have read conflicting statements regarding the use of bowls in Dart enclosures. Do they need one or not? I've heard that they don't need to soak in water or anything, so do bowls serve another purpose?
I have some sort of pond in all of my tinc tanks. They all seem to like to sit in it from time to time. I have found that immediately after breeding they always head straight for the water.
ive read about frogs soaking in water when they are a little constipated, it can happen depending on their diet.

i dont have a bowl, it seems it would go stagnate rather quickly, but i do have a small pool with a little water fall running in, its seems to keep the azures i keep happy. i catch them sitting in the stream or pool occasionally. so i would say they like it. maybe not needed though.

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