DendroCare, NatuRose Sale!

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Hello, Tincman Herps is offering Sale Price on any Purchase of Dendrocare with a special free shipping if Dendrocare is purchased with my NaturalRose Carotenoid. Dendrocare is an important Vitamin Supplement because it not only contains Calcium, but it contains Vitamins E & D3 to help Absorb it along with real Vitamin A. This all in one will help breeding & prevent the most common deficiencies. My NaturalRose Carotenoid is Ultrafine & adheres to flies better then anything else on the market. Also, A study by Justin Yeager & colleagues revealed that the addition of carotenoids in just a quantity of 5% added to Fly media yielded higher rates of healthy metamorphs then a control group of Oophaga without it. This means that Carotenoids most likely have added health benefits & dont just enhance color. I will include a copy of this articale upon request. Note I get my supplements in very small quantities direct from manufacturers in order to get customers the freshest products. Email me on Dart Den or my personal email for faster responses: [email protected] , thanks for looking.
Dendrocare 50 Gram Container Now $8! (From $10)
DendroCare 100 Gram Container $12! (From $14)
NaturalRose Ultrafine Carotenoid $16 (Bundle with DendroCare & receieve free shipping while supplies last!)
Both of these products are MUST have in rotations.

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