Dendrobates auratus tadpole development - pics

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Here's some shots of typical development in Dendrobates auratus tadpoles, showing spindly and normal individuals.

Newly hatched:

[Image: Auratus_Tadpole_-6.png]

Approx. 2 weeks old

[Image: Auratus_tadpole.png]

Approx. 3 weeks old

[Image: Auratus_tadpole_2.png]]

Approx. 4 weeks old

[Image: Auratus_Tadpole_3.png]

Approx. 5 weeks old

[Image: Auratus_Tadpole_4.png]

Approx. 6 weeks old

Approx. 7 weeks old

[Image: Auratus_Tadlet.png]

Approx. 8 weeks old (spindly)

[Image: Toes.png]

Approx. 8 weeks old (normal)

[Image: 800px-Auratus_froglet.jpg]

Approx. 3 months old (normal)

[Image: Dendrobates_auratus_froglet.png]
1.1.2 D. auratus 'Panamanian Green and Bronze'
2.1 D. tinctorius 'Azureus'
0.1.1 D. tinctorius 'Bakhuis'
1.2.1 P. terribilis 'Yellow'

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