Dwarf Philodendrons

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Hey All,
I have been trying to find some more types of dwarf philos and I'm not having much luck. I have a bunch of "wendimbe" and it is one of my favorite viv plants, so I hope to be able to find a few more similar types. So far I have found "mini red empress" mentioned, but can't find any for sale. I have also seen "prince of orange" used, but I know it will get big over time...I still may try it though. Anyone had any experience with any other similar types (i.e. clumping not vining) that would be good? Anyone know of a good source for some small philos?
-Field Smith
Some frogs...
I picked up two nice smaller ones from mikes obsessive compulsive nature a year ago but never got an id for them. One i dont have anymore and the other is lime green to slight yellow green with 3.5inch leaves and i love it. It throws some crazy arial roots. Ill try and get a pic of it for you. I don't know if his number is the same but i do still have it. I think he is from Chicago. He was vending plants only right next to joshes table last year. By the way his broms were top notch as well and i got some awsome bilbergia from him. Ill pm you the number i have for him.

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