EcoWeb good to use ?

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What's your thoughts on EcoWeb as a background. Mostly wanting it for the microfauna that can live in it...
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What is it made out of ? If it's man-made or synthetic and doesn't contain anything organic, I can't see Microfauna populating it. I don't know of anyone using it or having it long term. I think Michael uses it....

Microfauna does really well in my ABG backgrounds and I think the "clay people" are reporting moderate microfauna growth in / on theirs.

The previous incarnation of this type of niche (forget the marketing name) was all plastic.

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EcoWeb is recycled plastic. Basically a big thick sponge filter like would see on a swamp cooler. Very coarse and scratch. To my understanding its good for orchids as stuff to root to. I have not been using it long enough to form an opinion on it but if the moss starts to grow and other plants well I will prefere it over GS.
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Are you completely set on having microfaunal populations in the background? I would use a different material for the background if you want moss, plants, etc. to overtake it. It will happen on EcoWeb, but it may take a while (automatic misting definitely helps...but still not as quickly as a more natural substrate). If you want to use it for microfaunal populations to inhabit, I would go with a similar but more inexpensive filter material and lay a couple of them down on a false bottom or over a drainage layer and use it as a faux substrate.

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