Egg Incubators - what do you use ?

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I just came back from 3 days away (Frog Day) and found 3 clutches of various Tinc eggs dessicated in my incubator set up.

It's a small plastic KIS / Stelite shoebox with egg create and a water bottom with a fish tank heater set at 78F and a lid. I have a thermometer so I'm fairly sure of the temps staying stable, ect. Problem is, even with the large amount of water in the bottom the petri dish water evaporates so quickly ,that if I don't mist or water the eggs every 1-2 days, they dry up.

What do you guys use ?

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Hmm I use something similar but its a large clear plastic container, 2-3" of water with a mini heater (keeps water around 74) Egg crate rack where I set my tadpole cups and I stick my film cans of eggs on the sides of the container, keeps them at the right temp and high humidity. I keep a lid on my set up though. When I take the lid off Contensation pours off the lid.

Bottom left

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Works pretty well for me.
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