Egg development journal

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About a month ago I followed the development of my cobalt eggs with camera in hand. Here's what I got:

These are several clutches, but there is a big difference in development between one clutch and the next, even though they were all kept in the same shoe box.

Day 1
[Image: _DSC5449.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5451.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5450.jpg]

Day 2
[Image: _DSC5454.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5455.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5423.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5428.jpg]

Day 3
[Image: _DSC5465.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5466a.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5466b.jpg]

Day 4
[Image: _DSC5474.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5475a.jpg]

Day 5
[Image: _DSC5452.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5453.jpg]

Day 6
[Image: _DSC5490.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5491.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5468.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5469.jpg]

Day 7
[Image: _DSC5500.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5501.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5502.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5477.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5478.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5492.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5479.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5494.jpg]

Day 8
[Image: _DSC5512.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5513.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5514.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5487.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5488.jpg]

Day 9
[Image: _DSC5523.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5524.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5525.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5495.jpg]

Day 10
[Image: _DSC5508.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5509.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5510.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5511.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5528.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5529.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5531.jpg]

Day 11
[Image: _DSC5545.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5546.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5547.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5519.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5526.jpg]

Day 12
[Image: _DSC5553.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5554.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5555.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5533.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5534.jpg]

Day 13
[Image: _DSC5571.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5573.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5542.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5543.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5544.jpg]

Day 14
[Image: _DSC5583.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5584.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5585.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5550.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5551.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5552.jpg]

Day 15
[Image: _DSC5568.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5560.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5561.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5566.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5591.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5592.jpg]

Day 16
[Image: _DSC5580.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5582.jpg]

Day 17
[Image: _DSC5586.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5587.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5588.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5589.jpg]
[Image: _DSC5590.jpg]

Day 18
[Image: _DSC5559.jpg]
Those are great pictures, thanks for sharing!
[Image: Frank4.jpg] [Image: frank1.jpg]
I am impressed with those pictures! How exciting to watch Smile
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