El Dorado Pums - Tadpoles Developing

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so a little over a week ago my eldorado male was singing his tune all day. it was just non stop and i was pretty sure courting should be witnessed anytime soon.

so i have 4 cans on each side of the tank for a total of eight at various height and distances front to back of their tank as well as broms and broad leaf plants.

i did not get the opportunity to witness courtship and the breeding process of these cute little guys. but i did spot this on one of the leaves today.excuse the clarity. crappy point and shoot. need a decent 35mm soon.
Watch out! Once they get started they don't stop Big Grin
Do you know where your frogs have been?
yeah i heard that about el dorados. i'm excited to see it. as far as thumbnails, i've had success with imitator intermedius but thiss is the first tad development i'm seeing with the pumilios. it was nice to discover. i'm looking forward to seeing the adult transport and feeding process.


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