EpiWeb and Moss Mix from Dusk Topic Online store

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Heres the place that started EpiWeb and Moss mix !


Its a "little bit" overseas and shipping is probably a nightmare and a half but Chris Dulany from Dart Frog Depot in Maryland used to be a distributor for both of those fine products a year or two ago. Not sure if he still is currently, or even if his online storefront is still "open".

If anyone has any info on Dusk Tropic or Dart Frog Depot, post on up !


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I got my EcoWeb which is similar to EpiWeb from http://www.firstrays.com/ecoweb.htm

I have been trying dart frog depot for a while and still get the message that they will be closed until after the new year.
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I saw a post from him on DB, I believe he is closing shop
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