Epipedobates anthonyii 'Santa Isabel' Vivarium pics

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Hey guys Ive finally got a chance to photograph these guys since picking them up from Phil last month.
I'm not positive on who is who other than which is the calling male as he never shuts up.
Here is a shot of him
[Image: P9070038.jpg]

Here are some shots of another one. Maybe the female? Or possibly the other male
[Image: P9070041.jpg]
[Image: P9070034.jpg]

There is at least 2.1.1 in there but I'm actually thinking there maybe 2.1.2

I will try to get pictures again later this week. hopefully of the others Big Grin

For now enjoy!
The "darker" one in your second pic...is the second - subordinate male.


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Thanks Phil! I was hoping you would jump in and help clear that up. There is an even darker one in there with a great blue/green striping against an almost black/purple body. Its a little smaller than the subordinate male. There is also a baby that seems to refuse to color up.So when you get this tank back it should be 2.1.2


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