Excidobates Mysteriosus

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Guys i don't see letters like others,if there is a spelling error please correct.
Here are some pics of our little guys,these really shouldn't be here yet ,although we have prepared for them,any way these are couple of VERY early pics,I wil get more as they settle.
little guy messing with new carers!!
[Image: IMG_2084.jpg]
Fortunately we try to read up so the horror of dead frog was short lived :lol: about 1 1/2 sec.... righted
[Image: IMG_2085.jpg]
stayed like this till after dark still messing with us
[Image: IMG_2083-1.jpg]
and our little lass whom we had to move like this she is now feeding as of yesterday but will be happier when she is a bit smaller although as time goes on the greater a chance we have of him being settled enough to just maybe fertilise
[Image: IMG_2080.jpg]
Maybe a bit more later time is very short,need to show you why we have these know our little male...
be lucky guys
You had an extra "U" to the Latin name but otherwise was bang on. Fixed it.

That last pic looks like an egg-laden female !


"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Philsuma Wrote:You had an extra "U" to the Latin name but otherwise was bang on. Fixed it.

That last pic looks like an egg-laden female !

Ha thank uou kind sir, can't see letters mate! they are jumbled to me ...if I post all correct then someone is helping,anyway frogs!!

Here ya go Phil a story,are you sitting comfy :lol: about a month ago we traveled up to Dartfrog, to see some frogs that Marc had brought back from Germany,specifically we went to see some camo auratus,as we have never seem this morph ,they were already reserved,but we ended up having to go back and get them as the guy pulled out,not really meant to happen this. So we went back to pick them up,while Marc was dealing with other stuff we spent as much time with the frogs as we could ...in a little container was a little mystie fella,Shaz was staring at him,so he came over to her to stare back,I melted and bought him for her. We had planned on these but have been patiently waiting for some to become available. The viv that they will live in is this,it is based loosely on some pics of a mountain in peru where thay are found(from a german site called dendrobase.de),yeah i know try getting a mountain in a 2'cube glass box.

[Image: IMG_1966.jpg]
[Image: IMG_1965.jpg]
Its seeded well with springs and woods.
here is our little chap we call him "aero".I know it sounds a bit silly naming frogs but it means we can both talk about a specific individual,very quickly.
[Image: IMG_2063.jpg]and a couple of pics I managed to get today for you
[Image: IMG_2092.jpg]
[Image: IMG_2093.jpg]
As i thought that it would be ages before we got any others i didn't quarantine him ...popped him straight in his viv,I know silly,heart was rulling my head that day.

This guy moves very differently to our Leucs,he stalks food very slowly and methodically,crawls up on it. He is not keen on ff's which is a pain but there is alot of food available to him so maybe with time, as he exhuasts the supply in the viv. Its him I was referring to last night.

I made some inquiries as I try real hard to remember who has what, here, and also if I can find out where they came from. I remembered someone I knew and they sold me the breeding trio which we picked up only last week or so.They are 100% fertile as I have seen the other lass's tadpoles that she laid just before we got them, so now the gravid female you refered to is out and about we are more relaxed. Her movements also triggered the post I made last night . It's worrying though, the change in his behaviour, if it has not been triggered by the guys separate to him.

So long before we thought this would happen, we now have 2 unrelated pairs or 3 lines and a very remote possibility of tads, it is unlikely I think, that the male will fertilize them so soon after moving, but one never knows I guess.

All I am really worried about is there health at the moment,once all is well we shall do all we can to breed these - it is VERY important.
Thank you for your interest, we are very fortunate to have them here, and so soon.
from what i can tell these are from different breeders to the frogs owned by some guys i speak to here, which bodes well for the future, I hope.


Great pics and that's a well made Viv. Lovely.


"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Stunning frogs Stu,thank you for sharing the pics...
1.5 kids and a bunch of frogs
Great looking frogs, and very nice viv. Thank you for sharing!
DKOOISTRA Wrote:Stunning frogs Stu,thank you for sharing the pics...
Thankyou,they are wonderful frogs we also have some luecs which are pretty bold,they will come out when we are there and as long as we don't make any sudden noises,are really not too bothered by us,compared to the mysties though.... they are shy,our little fella in the viv is simply not bothered by us at all,the others are a bit shyer,but i put that down to a top opening quarrantine tank and 3 times the travelling time in bringing them home.
Philsuma Wrote:Great pics and that's a well made Viv. Lovely.
thanks Phil ,this was our first attempt at the old fake rocks,it was time consuming to make,but also a blast,needs all them plants to do some growing though.From what i have read mysties ) are synonomous with a brom Aechemea nudecaullis,erm which won't fit in our viv,so we went with these neos as they seemed to be the closest in apperarance,shape rather than colour,hoping the frogs take to them,these pups are only around 1/2 to 3/4 grown. As with all the plants in this viv all grown here . As a point of interest Phil,as you know we have been a bit concearned about the lone chap,hence us asking if they can smell a gravid female,well we moved the Q. tub as far away from the gravid female and her companions,and he has after a day of looking whistfully in the others direction gone back to hunting the viv like he usually does,just hoping everything will be good now,interesting observation though,is it not
dreamcatcer98 Wrote:Great looking frogs, and very nice viv. Thank you for sharing!
They are a joy for us,glad you enjoyed the pics as time goes on hopefully we will be able to share more of our journey with them,although as with most darts the pics don't really do them justice especially as far as their personality goes,thanks for your interest

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