Exo Terra Medium/Tall (24x18x24)

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Well I got a smokin deal on this tank and am going to make this into my viv/dart tank. To be quite honest this will be a very slow build from start to finish as I am still doing all of the research. I think I have decided on doing the mosaic cork for the back of the tank but other than that I am wide open on what my plans are going to be.

I would like to get 4 pdf's for this tank but not sure yet if this will house four comfortably. Like I said I am a newb and just doing all the research yet on everything.

The main plan I have is deciding what else I will all need, best way to build the viv and then decide which frogs to get. However, I do believe I need to pick the frogs first and build the viv around them. Correct? Is it possible to house 4 in a tank this size? What would everyone recommend and why? Keep in mind this will be my first setup for pdf's and a vivarium.

Eventually I think this setup will be built into a wall by one of my saltwater tanks (240 gallon fish only tank) I am building into a wall in my basement as well.

So lets get some ideas flowing for me and lets get this build going slowly but surely. I am open to all ideas and thoughts and don't hesitate to post links either.

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Wow, I'm actually surprised nobody has responded to this yet. Welcome aboard! I am pretty new myself, as my viv is a little over 3 months old. I would pick the frogs you like first and then try to build a viv around them. I'm not sure about how many frogs would fit comfortably in there, but I'm sure someone would know. cork on the back is a good start. Also think about substrates, drainage, lighting, accents, misting systems, foggers, hand misting, timers, where you will culture your feeders, etc. Just some things to think about, and if you have any more questions I'm sure someone will answer faster than this last time. Hope the build is going well so far!
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Making a Viv for 2-3 Azureus
If you haven't already done so, here is a good read for a beginner. It gave me a lot of info. when I was starting, even though I didn't get the exact species he is writing about.

Just Starting....
Making a Viv for 2-3 Azureus
Well I have cork bark on the way to do a mosaic on the back wall. Or at least that is the plan. Anyone here do one? Then I am debating on doing a hydroton drainage layer or a false bottom. Still undecided on this. Os one way better than the other? What would you recommens?

As for frogs I am deciding between leucs, tincs, or aurutas.

Anyone has any tips or thoughts let me know. I also picked up a monsoon mister for the setup. Need to decide on lighting yet as well.

So please help a newb out!

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Hi Fishcrazy, can't believe no one else has posted! I believe your viv is 44 gallons, right? Your dimensions are very nice, would allow for tincs, with a big footprint, or more arboreal species also, with the height. But it sounds like you want tincs. Leucs, auratus, or other tincs? Nice! Lots to choose from!
As for the mosaic on the back wall, I really like mine. You can attach plants easily, frogs can climb, etc. All my vivs are hydroton (am now changing to Growstones, more environmentally friendly!). So I can't speak to false bottoms, although I think they would be heavier, because the water weighs more than the leuca balls.
As for number of frogs, it depends on the species. Some do better 1:1, others 2:1, others 1:2. Most tincs do better in groups of 2 or 3, and 2 or 3 would be a good number for a 44 gallon viv. The old recommendation was 10 gallons per frog, the new recommendation is 20 gallons per frog, so 2 or 3 would be good, depending on species.
Have you started culturing fruit flies yet? Narrowed down your frog species?
As far as tincs go, I have several, leucs, auratus, azureus, cobalts, and oyapok. My auratus are secretive and hide a lot. They are beautiful and I enjoy them, but I don't see them much. All my other tincs are out and about, much more bold than the auratus. Just keep this in mind while selecting your first species.
Good luck to you, and please post often, and also pictures are always appreciated!
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I have not done a cork bark mosaic, but I have incorporated cork bark into a foam background - I enjoyed working with the cork bark and it yields a really nice look. If you have a few large flat pieces of bark you could also try to silicone them into a corner and form a ledge. The frogs you are considering are larger, and you can increase the usable space of the viv by using ledges. You can connect them with plants, or overlap them to allow the frogs to climb easier. Here's my ledge build that houses my galacts:

I've used hydroton (my azureus viv) and egg crate (galacts & froglet grow out viv). I like egg crate - personal choice for me. It does hold more water so it will be heavier, but I don't have to siphon as often.

I like my tincs. They were a great first frog. They are always out. I think my frogging experience would have been quite different if my first frogs were my galacts - they make an appearance about once a week. Sometimes I feel like I have to team up with David Attenborough to catch a glimpse of them.

Send a note over to Todd at LightYourReptiles.com - I've bought LEDs for my vivs from him and he's great to work with. Good luck! And take lots of build pics!
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Awesome thanks everyone for the feedback. Just what I have been looking for. Thinking I am going to run to a local hydroponics store this week to look at their hydroton/growstones. Sounds like the drainage layer is more of a personnal preference than anything.

I will definitely be taking pics of the build so thatbI have something to reference as I get more experience. So it appears as though tincs will be a good beginner frog as well whichnis awesomw aa well.

Thanks again for the responses. I know I am going to have numerousnmore questions along thw way.

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I would recommend starting with some tincs generally to get experience, but if you're going to really do the research and setup a nice tank you may consider a pair a pumilio or a trio of R. Varadeo or Sirensis. Those taller tanks looks so great with all the broms and background. Sure the tincs will use it, but I am of the opinon that pumilio and thumbs would use it better.
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That's a great size tank! If you build the viv so tincs can use the higher space, they will. I have a feeling most people that claim tincs won't climb don't have an enclosure setup for them to do so. They're found scaling trees in the wild, no one knows why, but there they are. If you build it, they will climb!

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