FINALLY, good eggs.

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I've had my group of 6 Highland Bronze Auratus for over 2 years now. Finally I have pulled good fertile eggs. I've had issues with snails, egg eating, eggs that have dried out, molded over, on and on. The other day, I caught them in the act and pulled the eggs shortly after, and now have 5 little wigglers. Now though, we are leaving for Florida in 3 days Sad . A good reason to make sure you have a frog friend close by. I drop them off tonite, and I'm going to miss out on them hatching, but atleast I know they will be in good hands (better off than being with me probably IMO).

This group has been the most fun to watch out of all my frogs. Its either a 4.2 group or a 5.1 group. When they are courting, I've seen and heard 2 males singing, but, every time the female focuses ALL of her attention on the one I call clover. It doesn't matter how much the other males sing, she competely ignores them and chases him all over the tank. I have however, never even seen clovers throat puff out. He's the only one I have seen her court. This time she had him pinned down and the other 2 are just singing away on either side watching. I snipped the leaf she laid on about an hour later. Its been frustrating, but I treat their little tupperwear container with the leaf in it like gold. Had to share my excitement.
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Nice Derek...I love my 3 groups of auratus. I just caught my blue and blacks transporting and hiding 3 tadpoles in a very shallow water feature so I tipped the tank and gave them a proper pool. Even though I love my pumilio, auratus are cool.

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