FREE styrofoam shipping containers !

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Want some free small size styrofoam containers ?

Well made, strong and some with outer cardboard boxes ?

Like to be "green" and reuse items ?

I Do.

Go to your local Veterinarian and ask them for their used styrofoam boxes. They get them in almost every week with shipped medicines, blood products ect and usually give them out for free , just for the asking. The are perfect for our hobby purposes - small, well made, strong, foam boxes with good lids too.

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I would not have ever thought of that. Great call!
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Thansk for the Idea Phil, I didn't even thing of this. I am supposed to be shipping some frogs for the first time next week. My Aunt-inlaw works at a vet clinic. I just shot her a message asking if she could grab me a few containers next time shes at work.

One less shipping cost at least.
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heh, I am just using them for cultures atm, frog man sent me home with them. But what ever makes my wife feel happy about the cultures being contained, I am also happy with Wink

Problem now is I have 12 cultures + my springtails so she isn't buying the 2 white little I need some more ASAP
I have cultures all over the place and need to contain them somewhat lol

I'll be calling the vets tomorrow.. cuz i can mark them by date on the outside and stagger stack them for air.

I do have a room - she is willing to let me make a frog room now that she saw the breeder's room and its not all over the house Smile
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Shipping season is here.....don't forget your awesome, free styro containers !

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great tip.
Awesome idea Phil. I wouldnt have come across this thread either so good bump bro. Phil comes through with cutting edge ideas yet again folks! Big Grin Hey Phil, by the way, do they get in different sizes? I assume they do as Im sure they dont order the same quantities of things week after week.

Yep...all different sizes and most all are VERY well made and strong. I can't imagine a Vet NOT giving someone who asks for a couple of these.

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My local pet shops always hook me up with styro boxes too...its what they receive their fish in. I picked up 50 boxes they had in a backroom. All sizes.

So.....boxes anyone???
The boxes I always end up getting are huge and inefficient with their bulkiness and cost to ship. I wish my LFS had different size boxes, but awesome tip on the vet thing Phil. Im going to have to hit up my vet when I return home next week.
Vet styro boxes are much better than pet store boxes IMO.

The vet / lab kind are smaller and way better insulated -thicker and TOUGH. Some of those small lunch box sized vet boxes seem so well made, you could probably stand on them. All different sizes.

Take it from me and remember one of life's many 'golden rules'.....

"If you don't don't get"

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

Walgreens and other retail pharmacies across the U.S. are starting to get in their vaccine shipments for this fall/winter immunizations. As a recipient of many of these boxes, they are well worth the effort of getting to know your local pharmacy manager. Smile
More and more many clinics getting these uber-boxes need to return them for re-use. An eco-friendly solution to all that styro not be re-used by us froggers.
I just bring it up due to the fact it is getting harder to get boxes from vets.
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All are returned here and impossible to get free.
Go to your local university biology department ... there always seems to be an overabundance, especially in the genetics labs. My department has at least 100 containers in the store room just collecting dust and the pile grows weekly.
free for the asking...veterinarian office, college biology and close by to everyone.

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Black Jungle needs Styrofoam containers for shipping and are offering six bucks store credit for each one! Help em out.

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