FS: Adult CB proven pair of Pumilio “Bastimentos”

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Adult captive bred proven pair of Pumilio Bastimentos Dart Frogs from the Thomas Villegas line (was the old http://www.pumilio.com website):
• Proven M/F pair which consistently lay eggs and raise tadpoles to healthy froglets
• Both are very bold and are usually visible in the vivarium hunting for food, calling, etc.
• Exact frogs are pictured

Species: Oophaga Pumilio “Bastimentos”
Line/Origin: Thomas Villegas (http://www.pumilio.com )
Age: 2 yrs old (adults)
Quantity: 2 frogs
Price: $350 for pair (adult sexed M/F)
Payment: PayPal
Seller: Joseph Fraga / San Francisco, CA
Owner: http://endlers1.com/

Notes: The male has a “stiff” arm. All his offspring do NOT have this trait, as this was from an old injury. He is able to do all usual movement, like hunting, calling, mating, climbing, etc.

Shipping Rates & information
• $50 flat rate shipping / Or local pick up in San Francisco
• Shipping via USPS Priority Mail Express (next day delivery)
• Live arrival guaranteed if delivery taken in person

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You can reach me directly at: [email protected]
* I have additional adult proven males / females as well which can be purchased separately or swapped out for one of the above pair.
Any photos of the additional proven females?
These 2 frogs have just been sold. But, as per your request, here are additional pics of my other Pumilio “Bastimentos” available:
http://www.facebook.com/joseph.fraga.9/ ... 474&type=3

Thank you
Joe, the frogs got here, and are beautiful! Questions for you (keep in mind these are my first pumilio)--you identified the spotted one as male--he is much larger than the non-spotted one, are pumilio males usually larger than the females? And the non-spotted one has been calling--do female pumilio do the calling?
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