FS: Neoregelia "Fireball" [email protected]$30 Shipped, Quantity Dicsounts

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These are large cut offsets (almost all are large enough to produce pups, some already are). They will color-up bright red in strong light. Perfect for thumbnail tanks. Practically all plants have stolons present for easy mounting.

I currently have 4 packs (5 specimens per pack), pricing includes shipping via Priority USPS

1 Pack (5 plants) $30.00 shipped ($6.00 each shipped)
2 Packs (10 plants) $45.00 shipped ($4.50 each shipped)
3 Packs (15 plants) $60.00 shipped ($4.00 each shipped)
4 Packs (20 plants) $75.00 shipped ($3.75 each shipped)

Extra plants may be available at the same price if I get around to cutting off more offsets.

Grown frog free.

WINTER SHIPPING $5.00 EXTRA for COLD areas to ensure healthy arrival.

[Image: 8371362854_589bb1d070_b.jpg]
ah yes....It IS awesome to live in Florida....


"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Gotta say that I am now out of these for the moment. Maybe more in the future.

And yes, it is Phil.

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